I'm looking to create a project to help artists. I want to hear about your daily triumphs and challenges so I can figure out the best path.

Take 5 minutes and share your artist life so I can figure out how I can help! I will send you a haiku with a word of your choice ;)
Do you consider yourself an artisan? *

What is your art? If you have an online website, enter it here.

How does art fit into your day? I'm looking for your general day story, with a focus on when and where you practice your art. *

If you've ever sold at a craft fair, how much did you sell? What were your prices? Where was the fair?

What was the biggest challenge of the fair?

Whooooaaaaa! We're halfway there....
What's your chosen word for your haiku?

What is your biggest challenge of becoming a successful artist?

If you could wave a magic wand and change one thing about your art life, what would it be?

How important is a community of artists to you?

If you belong to a community of artists, meetups, guilds etc. which community/ies? If not, say "no."

Where did you learn your art?

Thank you for helping me help you! ~Joe Buchoff

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